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The Crann 5A model
is different from other brands’ 5A sticks, the head is square shaped with a small rounding
on the top of the tip.
The sound is more concrete and definite.
The head is longer lasting than the average.

Length: 407 mm

Diameter: 14,6 mm


The Fusion model
melts together the advantages of  a light jazzy, and a fast, well balanced stick. Diffe-
rent weight ranges change the balance
and the stick control.

Length: 410 mm

Diameter: 14,5 mm


Jam stick is a real allround stick, you can play wide volume range with this model. The tip
is compact, the balance
is a bit in front, very
good speed-control-volume ratio.

Length: 415 mm

Diameter: 14,6 mm


The Medium stick is
the shortest one on the Crann-palette, but the diameter is not too
small. The stick is good
for light or medium-volume music.

Length: 405 mm

Diameter: 14,6 mm


Slapper is a tough, versatile stick, mostly rock and pop drummers use it. The tip has a strong, pingy but not washy sound on cym-bals. We produce this stick from a certain
part of the wood, that makes this stick really individual.

Length: 415 mm

Diameter: 14,8 mm


A heavy stick with com-
promises. Rock is the heaviest model but not only from the heaviest part of the wood. You
can choose from light
til heavy weight sticks.
It has a trashy but not washy sound on cymbals and fat, bulky sound on toms.

Length: 413 mm

Diameter: 15 mm

All of our models are made from first class high quality american hickory wood.

All of the sticks are selected by weight and sound pitch.

The final layer is made from an environment friendly water based lacquer.

You can choose from six different Crann models, but within the models every stick is categorized by weight.